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 Detailing Glossary

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PostSubject: Detailing Glossary   2010-09-14, 19:01


AG Auto Glym
Megs Meguiars
PB Poorboy's
PBW - Poorboy's World
1Z Einszett
SV Swissvax
CG Chemical Guys
Dodo Dodo Juice
RG Race Glaze
DG - Duragloss
Z, Zym0l, Zym,ol, Z***l - Zymol. Occasionally drifts over from Detailing World after a dispute with Zymol over product reviews.
Menz - Menzerna
Colly - Collinite
BH - Bilt Hamber


APC All Purpose Cleaner
LSP Last Step/Stage Product
SRP Super Resin Polish
EGP Extra Gloss Protection
UDS - Ultra Deep Shine
QD Quick Detailer
CB/Clay Clay Bar
WW Waffle Weave
MF Microfibre
PC - Porter Cable 7424 Random Orbital Polisher
[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]IP - Menzerna Intensive Polish
Pete's - Chemical Guys Pete's 53 Carnauba Wax
AIO - All-In-One Polish
SF - Snow Foam
SSF - Super Snow Foam
50/50 - Chemical Guys 50/50 Concourse Carnauba Wax
P21s GEPC - P21s Gloss Enhancing Paintwork Cleanser
LT - Meguiars Last Touch
WB - Meguiars Wheel Brightener
SSR1, 2, 2.5, 3 - Poorboy's World Super Swirl Remover 1, 2, 2.5, 3
BOS - Swissvax Best of Show Carnauba Wax
NLD - Poorboy's World Natural Look Dressing
RO - Reverse Osmosis water. Available from aquatics shops very cheaply, this is free from all minerals and leaves no watermarks after rinsing. Commonly used to flush out the nooks and crannies thant normally streak water down the paint after drying (Wing mirros, bump strips etc)
WMF - Chemical Guys Wet Mirror Finish
HD - Zymol HD Cleanse Paint Cleaner
FC+ - 3M Fast Cut Plus
EFC - 3M Extra Fine Compound
UF - 3M Ultrafina
3434 - 3M 3434 Blue Masking Tape
LP/LPL - Dodo Juice Lime Prime/ Lime Prime Lite


RIDS Random Isolated Deep Scratches
RDS Random Deep Scratches
PC Paint Correction/Correcting, removal of scratches and swirls giving a perfect finish
Swirls - Circular scratches
Buffer Trails - Marks left behind after bad machine polishing technique
Durability - How long the LSP will last/protecting the paintwork
Polish/Polishing - Use of abrasive compounds of varied grade to remove imperfections and oxidation
Haze - When a product becomes cloudy and is ready to be removed
DA - Dual Action Polisher
Marring - Where Polish becomes burnt onto the paintwork as a result of too much speed from a polisher, or applying in direct sunlight
Hologramming - Where a product has been left to cure for too long, or not been buffed off completely. Appear as holograms on the paint following the pattern of application. Holgramming also occurs when using a high cut compound. It can be removed using a fine cut compound such as Ultrafina
2BM - 2 Bucket Method
1BM or SBM - Single bucket method
DW - Detailing World ( A website for everything to do with detailing.
Streaky - When a window cleaner leves a residue on the windows that shows up in light, usually in straight streaks.
PITA - Pain In The @rse. When a product has over-cured and becomes difficult to removed. Commly occurs when using Paint Cleaners.

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Detailing Glossary
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